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  1. Shell


    Nick:Shell | Ora:Nu am fost banat . Sunt nemultumit de comportamentul unui admin si as dori sa se ia masuri urgente Harta: Actiunea s-a desfasurat pe awp_japan Motivul: Abuz grad Dovezi: http://www.girlshare.ro/3769860163.3 un demo + screenshoturi : https://imgur.com/CyLMDg0 https://imgur.com/3UHofoT https://imgur.com/dTqXw6c https://imgur.com/OeIEU6w https://imgur.com/BiPtIaP https://imgur.com/2YNioYK https://imgur.com/U5NssaA https://imgur.com/hAYvRrp
  2. Vreau sa te contactez cu ceva serios