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sasuke68 last won the day on July 15

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  1. sasuke68

    Cerere Helper Alex

    Pro! Reason above
  2. sasuke68

    Cerere helper

    PRO! Reason above
  3. sasuke68


    Hello, can you give your name from your steam profile so i can also tell you why you got banned. And you dont have linked you're steam id on the request
  4. sasuke68

    [Cerere Helper] kappard

    PRO! Reason's Above 🔝
  5. sasuke68

    Reclamatie Sasuke/Strafer.exe

    Man if you don't know about jokes than i can't do nothing, if you can't take a joke just because i muted you just because you had a vulgar language with me and also with the others from the server, and bdw on next vulgar language with staff you get banned.
  6. sasuke68

    Cerere helper

    PRO , I saw you a few times on the server and i also saw that you don't talk that much but everyone has a chance.
  7. sasuke68

    Cerere Helper lilNașu

    You are really active player and also nice not toxic so you have a PRO Hope you are gonna do ur job!!
  8. sasuke68

    Cerere helper

    CONTRA U didn't put the photo with the hours from the server
  9. sasuke68

    Cerere Helper [xeno-]

    PRO Really active player, not toxic and nice player
  10. sasuke68

    [Cerere Helper] Skyeir

    CONTRA , I have nothing with u but sometimes you are toxic and u also abuse the tp (Thirdperson) and sometimes u are a cool guy can't say nothing
  11. sasuke68

    Cerere helper Sebi

    I don't know u but i will give u a PRO, I hope u do ur job
  12. sasuke68

    cerere helper, Te-N 2 cu LopaTa

    PRO !
  13. sasuke68

    Request Helper

    Titlu Topic : [Cerere Helper] NickName : Sasuke Nume: Christi Varsta: 18 Cum te-ai descrie (minim 15 cuvinte)?: Hello I'm Christi i'm 18 year's old in my freetime i play cs go and cod but more cs go on public servers NickName: Sasuke STEAMID (EX: STEAM_1:1:660XXX) : STEAM_0:1:548150236 Ore jucate (Minim 30 ore)-> ( Poza /ore pe server ) :https://imgur.com/a/st2X9cU De ce crezi ca meriti sa fi acceptat in staff? I have a loot of experience in staff i also was owner on a HNS server and i like to help te community. Ai citit regulamentul? : Yes